We really feel an enormous sense of joy doing what we do. That’s as much true for being on the road as it is for planning a trip meticulously. We believe that travelling can be transformative and can make us look at life through a whole new perspective, so we try to go above and beyond to provide everyone who comes to us with unforgettable experiences.

And we’re not just saying that. Mariana Barros Meirelles has 14 years behind her working in tourism, having travelled to over 30 countries and been part of some of the largest international tourism trade shows. It all started when she was a teenager in Brazil. Inspired by a pen pal (remember those?) in New Zealand, she convinced her parents to let her be an exchange student, after she planned the whole thing by herself. When she came back home from Australia, she knew she wanted to do this for the rest of her life.

As for Roberta Donato, she was born in a family that lived and breathed travel. Her parents Qamal and Suely started planning trips in the 70’s for their group of friends from Medical School. It worked, and they decided to share their work days as doctors with a brand new tourism agency. That was how Roberta was brought up, in the middle of groups of travelers roaming through Brazil and the rest of the world. There was no escaping it - she did get an MBA and also worked in multinational companies, but her destiny was in travel. She even met her husband while backpacking.

When she surrendered to her roots and decided to work in the family business, her job was clear: professionalize what was, by then, a family enterprise. Donato Viagens grew and started to work in tailored travel, an important segment in the market.

That’s when her paths met. Mariana started to work in tailored travel at Donato and it grew to the point that it needed to become its own separate company. Imagine Real was born out of the belief that there is no better itinerary than the one that’s hand crafted.

To us, the ideal trip is made specially to fulfill your desires. And we are here to listen and to make those desires become real. Nice to meet you.